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84″ Asphalt Grade Tarp for 96″ Wide Body – Aero 550


Whether you are carrying sharp rocks or rugged cargo, our Asphalt Grade Tarp will exceed your expectations. They have exceptional tear strength and can withstand burning temperatures. Asphalt will not stick to this tarp or melt due to the high temperatures, enabling easy transportation without unnecessary messes. Asphalt cools rapidly while being transported so in order to prevent harsh weather conditions from creating heat loss it is important to use tarps to cover your load. These tarps retain the heat, create extra insulation in the truck beds, enable you to transport your asphalt without worrying about the temperature, and keep the cargo dry and protected. At the same time, this tarp is suitable for hot or cold climates as well as highly water and wind resistant. They are excellent for meeting the demands of tarping asphalt and are designed to fit the sizes of most dump trucks and dump trailers.

We make sure you’re covered with what you need to get the job done easily and efficiently.
Asphalt Grade Tarps are available in the following sizes:
84” Asphalt Grade Tarp for a 96” wide body
90” Asphalt Grade Tarp for a 102” wide body


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