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90″ Mesh Tarp for 102″ Wide Body – Aero 550


The mesh tarp is great for hauling sand and other aggregate materials because it is breathable, making it easier to handle. This makes loading and unloading your dump truck hassle free as it allows you to stay on the ground as you open and close the system. Mesh tarps are created with evenly spaced and finely crafted holes between the threads of the material. These holes in the material result in less wind resistance, which is an advantage when carrying sand, gravel, or other aggregate materials.

Mesh tarps are extremely lightweight, making them easy to setup. However, they are just as strong as other tarp materials.

Asphalt Grade Tarps are available in the following sizes:
84” Mesh Tarp for a 96” wide body
90” Mesh Tarp for a 102” wide body

Weight 5 lbs


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