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Dyna-Flo End Dump Liner Heat Shield


Dyna-Flo® End Dump Liner Heat Shield protects the Dyna-Flo Liner from the dump truck’s heated exhaust. The 36″ x 40″ heat shield is installed between the Dyna-Flo Liner and the truck’s high temperature exhaust inlet into the dump body. The heat shield can withstand a direct temperature of 1100° F and radiant temperature of 2000° F.

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Using space-age technology Mentor Dynamics’ heat shield has solved the problem of retaining the use of your heated dump body while gaining the benefits of using a Dyna-Flo A-1 liner. Now you can continue to use your heated body for cold weather or hot asphalt hauling while enjoying the cleaner, more reliable, dumping provided by a Dyna-Flo A-1 dump body lining system.

Using materials developed for heat shielding of the Space Shuttles, Mentor Dynamics 30″ x 36″ heat shield protects the liner from the extreme heat developed at the exhaust entry point of the dump body. Installation of the heat shield between the body floor and our liner allows the use of the heated body without damaging the liner.

HeatShield™ is only available from Mentor Dynamics. Ltd. and it’s authorized OEM’s and dealers. Available only with the purchase of a new Dyna-Flo® A-1 liner. Cannot be retrofitted to old or previously installed liners.  Not sold separately. The HeatShield™ must be placed and secured over the high temperature heat inlet.  The heat shield is a requirement for proper protection and performance.  Some heated body designs may not be compatible with this product.

Weight 3.00 lbs

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